SPARK Wellness specializes in creating transformational corporate wellness solutions that engage the workforce and emphasize behavior change.


How a healthy, vibrant workforce supports a healthy business.


SPARK’s unique approach to wellness creates sustainable outcomes.


Who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

The face of corporate wellness is changing, and SPARK is leading the charge. 

Here at SPARK, our mission is to create transformative wellness programs that empower and inspire participants in their pursuit of a vibrant life.  

We do this by:

  • breaking the stereotype of “calories in, calories out”,
  • looking at the whole person and building health from the inside out, and
  • educating and motivating using proven coaching techniques.

Whether it’s for a population of 1 or 1,000, SPARK works with businesses across the country that are ready to shake things up and create a corporate wellness strategy that works for them. 

Health and Economic Costs of Chronic Diseases

An estimated 90% of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. Chronic diseases have significant health and economic costs in the United States. Preventing chronic diseases, or managing symptoms when prevention is not possible, can reduce these costs. (CDC)

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When I began working with SPARK, my goal was to learn new ways to manage my  type-2 diabetes. Taking charge of my health and remaining focused on my wellness goals helped me lower my numbers and keep them down. I truly believe I was stronger and healthier during the pandemic because of the lifestyle changes I made and look forward to future SPARK wellness opportunities.

– Cheryl M.

I enrolled in the SPARK Wellness Reset program having felt like I had “tried it all”. I could tell that SPARK was different because we focussed on discovering my Why, setting goals and developing an action plan that was manageable and results-oriented. At the end of the program, my insulin level improved by 75%. I’ve maintained my new exercise regimen and now enjoy walking at lunch with coworkers. Because of the work and one-on-one coaching support, I was able to get through my scheduled surgery with ‘flying colors’ and I’m feeling fantastic!

– Susan W.

Work-life balance, reconnecting with friends, and exploring new ways to commit to healthy nutrition and movement were the primary reasons that I enrolled in the SPARK Wellness Reset program. Working with my coach, I learned how to recognize my stressors and take action to minimize their effects. I feel more lighthearted and less overwhelmed, move more and enjoy more restful sleep. I feel like myself again and even rejoined my book club after several months away! I’m excited that I’ve learned new techniques to minimize stress and feel confident in my ability to maintain the lifestyle changes that I’ve made.

– Mimi G.

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