Who we are, WHAT WE DO, HOW WE DO IT


Shelley Bitzer, NBC-HWC

Shelley Bitzer is the owner of Thrive Within Reach health coaching and always challenges herself and those around her to find Joy in the journey. Her coaching career began as a chronic illness patient in need of a coach herself. But, at the time, “health coaches” were a novelty and modern medicine had not yet recognized the extraordinary value they bring to patient care. She really had no one to help her navigate the lifestyle changes she needed to make in order to regain her health. She decided that, when she recovered, she would fill that role for others. Shelley believes that every person looking to make positive lifestyle changes can benefit from health coaching. In her free time, she loves to garden, paddle board, and travel to visit her children and grandchildren. Shelley and her husband Charlie are currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Stump, NBC-HWC

Jennifer Stump is the owner of The Sprouted Life health coaching and a busy mom of three young boys. From the moment her feet hit the floor in the morning, she doesn’t stop moving! On top of her career in coaching, she is also a Chef, Sports Scorekeeper, Mom-Uber, and Master at finding lost things. Out of necessity, Jennifer used to cook for simplicity and convenience. When she received a Celiac diagnosis as an adult, she and her family had to make immediate, drastic dietary changes. Through research, trial, and error, she developed a food plan for herself that embraced whole, real foods and fit the demands of her busy life. Jennifer is a living example of how our bodies are brilliant healers when we provide the right environment for them. Jennifer and her family are currently based outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. 


Engage & Assess


  • understand the corporate culture and future wellness vision of leadership
  • analyze current health benefit offerings  and employee engagement
  • administer comprehensive workforce pre-program survey

Develop & Implement


  • create customized course content and program length
  • select participants based on the Readiness Assessment criteria 
  • provide bi-weekly progress updates to leadership

Conclusion & Next Steps

  • deliver quantitative metrics that reflect course outcomes
  • present management with ‘Evergreen Program’ for continued employee engagement
  • introduce SPARK programs that address the ongoing needs of the organization

Functional Medicine

As Functional Medicine health coaches, we believe in creating change by identifying and treating the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms.


The systems of the body do not exist in a silo! Our ‘Coach Approach’ embraces the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit by addressing sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, and healthy social connections. These are fundamental to individual health.  

In the SPARK method, we:

  • work with any person trying to make a positive lifestyle change, using collaborative techniques that inspire the motivation and desire to change from the client,
  • explore lifestyle factors that challenge progress and together unlock the barriers standing in the way of success, and
  • advocate, provide accountability, co-create goals, motivate, and educate.

Above all, we care, we don’t carry. Our clients hold the key to their own success by taking ownership of their journey! They drive the objectives and priorities, we listen, guide, and celebrate each victory.