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Choosing the right program for you.

SPARK offers robust and engaging content for clients of all wellness levels. Our courses are comprehensive and ready to integrate into your workforce now!  Course content can always be modified to align with the specific corporate wellness goals and objectives of your organization.


Short Course Offerings

Our pre-recorded, module-based courses are designed with the busy person in mind and can be completed in one sitting. Content includes educational materials, journaling, worksheets, and skill-set reinforcement with content challenges. Participants complete a readiness assessment, module completion surveys, and a course completion evaluation. 

Supporting Immune Health

At the conclusion of this course, participants will clearly understand what the immune system is and factors that disrupt its ability to function optimally. They will then learn how to integrate positive lifestyle behaviors to make it as strong and resilient as it can be.  

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Sleep More to Stress Less

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have a clear understanding of what it means to have quality sleep and the importance of determining their unique sleep pattern.  Course material covers five potential reasons for difficulty sleeping with simple solutions to correct the sleep pattern or habit.  Nutritional tips and herbal support for better sleep is also included to help participants incorporate helpful foods into their meal planning. 

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Meal Planning - Saving Time + Money

Learn the short- and long-term benefits of incorporating meal planning strategies into a daily routine. Our 4-step method includes tips for planning, shopping, and prepping good, healthy food — all while saving time and money!

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Kick the Sugar Workshop

The strategies contained within this program teach clients new ways of looking at food and the impact that excess sugar consumption can have on the body.  Course content will set the participant up for success by outlining clear steps to understand and achieve moderation with sugar.

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Ideal for executives and middle management, SPARK Reset is a hybrid approach that combines the benefits of one-on-one coaching with the convenience of self-paced modular learning.  

Our innovative curriculum is a deep dive into the five lifestyle factors proven to have the greatest impact on overall health and vitality. Individuals will learn how to identify what wellness means to them, set manageable goals in pursuit of this vision, and develop techniques that will help them achieve long-term success. Participants work closely with their coach, providing much-needed accountability and guidance,  and an opportunity to celebrate every victory together. 

Program duration: six months

Program includes:

  • complete six-module online course
  • twelve coaching sessions scheduled biweekly

Optional:  maintenance support for an additional six months. (not included)


One-on-One Health Coaching

Our individual health coaching programs are personalized, and respond to each participant’s unique wellness challenges and health goals. We assess an individual’s health and lifestyle habits, set realistic goals, and provide them with the tools, tips, and encouragement to make positive, sustainable changes, both in the workplace and at home.

Focus is on increasing knowledge and developing skills and strategies to achieve personal goals and objectives. These programs are an effective way to increase employee engagement and performance, while reducing health care costs to the organization. A supportive solution to improve workforce health and well-being.

Program duration: six months

Program includes:

  • 12 x 45-minute sessions scheduled biweekly
  • relevant resources and educational materials
  • sessions are provided either in person or through video link, depending upon geography

Looking for a program made just for you?

Our coaches are ready to work with your team to understand where you are now, where you would like to go, and create a unique program to get you there. 

To learn more, contact SPARK Wellness Programs.

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Work Directly With a Coach


Shelley Bitzer

Shelley offers new clients an intro session where the planning, and imagining of a healthier ‘you’ begins. Together you will explore your ‘Why’- what is driving you to pursue better health?  How can we construct a manageable plan to help you achieve your Why? These are just a few of the questions we may explore to ensure that your goal are achievable and sustainable.

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Jennifer Stump

Jennifer offers new clients a single intro session dedicated to getting them back on track with their health & wellness goals. This session is perfect for clients who know they need to make changes, but need some additional motivation and support to get started or unstuck.


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